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High-quality apartments for sale on the European side of Gaziosmanpasa district in Istanbul, own the right home for you

MGEV-54 1+1


Ready To Move

1 Bed

1 Bath

78 m2

Luxury apartments with sea view “Golden Horn”

MESEB-54 2+1

Eyüp Sultan

Under Construction

2 Bed

2 Bath

101 m2

Invest in a luxury project and raise the quality of your life to the second level

MGOES-58 2+1


Under Construction

2 Bed

2 Bath

76 m2

Ready to move in, characterized by calmness and proximity to the Marmara Sea

MSAAA-52 2+1


Ready To Move

2 Bed

2 Bath

117 m2

Luxury project and top attractions for tourists

MNIEN-73 1+1


Under Construction

1 Bed

1 Bath

103 m2

An apartment with a government guarantee is one step away from you

MKAEL-53 1+1


Under Construction

1 Bed

1 Bath

50 m2



The idea of ​​obtaining Turkish citizenship for you and your family through real estate ownership is one of the easiest, fastest, and most profitable ways because it allows the buyer to obtain a property in Turkey with the possibility of living in one of the country’s largest cities, such as Istanbul, as well as benefit from the property by renting it, investing it and reselling it after 3 years with a return higher.
The latest legislation on the naturalization decision adopted by the Turkish government in 2018 is one of the laws that makes it easy for a foreigner to obtain Turkish citizenship in various ways, the most important of which is real estate ownership. The only condition is that the property value is above $250,000


The company was founded by Mr. Mehmet Akif Beğen, a former Jewelry master who applied his training since his childhood and had the opportunity to practice managing sales operations with local and international clients. After his first experience in the process of land investment requested by our valued clients, he started working in the real estate sector as a very successful and reliable company.
Mr. Mehmet Akif, continued to finish major sales including high capacity factories, apartment buildings, and luxury villa complexes with his famous motorbike which is still on display at MABTurkey Headquarters, in connection with many successful sales, he is becoming more and more popular especially among international investors Eventually the company headquarters started working in 2017 with a large team that may provide full professional assistance in Turkish, Arabic, English, German, French and Farsi.


Unknown Client

The beginning of my experience with MAB Turkey was limited to renting apartments only. As time passed, I took the annual rental after seeing the interest and service shown by the company. The next step was to own property in Turkey by buying a house in Istanbul with their help. MAB Turkey not only bought real estate, I worked with them in many fields, bought cars, got insurance, rented them. All I saw from MAB Turkey was good service, high efficiency and the right advice. I was attracted by the fact that they presented their projects by organizing and presenting the most suitable offers for all investors in Turkey.

Mr. Obada Al Qadri

I decided to come and live in Turkey to start my real estate investment. I researched a few companies, one of them was MAB Turkey. They gave me great offers and investment solutions and after working with them for a while I discovered that they have experience and high reliability in the business, increasing my investment profit. I am happy to be one of your customers.

Mr. Osman Kara

I was looking for a reputable real estate company for a factory sale. MAB Turkey was recommended and we contacted them; They completed our request in a very short time and sold them at the price we wanted. MAB Turkey pleased me.

MAB Turkey Real Estate & Investments MAB Turkey Real Estate & Investments
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