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ΞHow to invest with us and obtain Turkish citizenship:

The idea of obtaining Turkish citizenship for you and your family through real estate ownership is one of the easiest, fastest, and most profitable ways because it allows the buyer to obtain a property in Turkey with the possibility of living in one of the country’s largest cities, such as Istanbul, as well as profiting from the property by renting it out, investing it and reselling it after 3 years with a higher return.

The latest legislation on the naturalization decision adopted by the Turkish government in 2018 is one of the laws that make it simpler for a foreigner to gain Turkish citizenship in various ways, the most significant of which is real estate ownership. The only condition is that property value should be above 250.000 USD.

In addition to simply getting a visa in the European Union and North America, the Turkish passport ranks 26th in the globe, enabling entrance to more than 51 countries without a visa and 42 nations with a visa granted on arrival at the airport.

Japan, Qatar, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brazil, Hong Kong, and other Balkan nations, as well as certain Eastern European, South African, South Korean, and South American countries, are among the powerful countries that accept the Turkish passport without a visa.

Countries where you can obtain a visa on arrival with your Turkish passport: (Maldives, Kuwait, Sultanate of Oman, Russia and other countries).

ΞRequirements to obtain Turkish Citizenship through Real estate ownership:

Real estate ownership in Turkey is done by purchasing a property and getting the title deed. The Property value has to be above 250.000 US dollars, provided that it is not sold for a period of three years. It’s also possible to buy multiple properties to reach the 250.000 USD amount.

ΞStages of Acquiring Turkish Citizenship:

  1. Requesting stage.
  2. Sending the file to the Directorate of Immigration.
  3. Preliminary examination of file.
  4. Extended examination stage and forwarding of the file to the Naturalization Department for evaluation.
  5. Inclusion of the file in the naturalization list.
  6. The phase of deciding whether to accept or reject the file.
  7. Notification of the result to the office where you submitted the application.

ΞRequired documents to obtain Turkish citizenship:

  1. A certified copy of the real estate deed or the so-called real estate contract.
  2. A real estate appraisal (no longer than 3 months).
  3. Original payment receipts stamped with the seal of the sending bank.
  4. Original claims from the seller’s account, stamped with the seal of the receiving bank.
  5. Two copies of the power of attorney for citizenship application.
  6. Translation of the passport into Turkish (husband, wife, and children under age 18 years old).

ΞTranslation of the Law:

The decision was issued pursuant to Article No. 46 of the Turkish Citizenship Law No. 5901 amending the decree applied within the framework of the aforementioned law in relation to the granting of Turkish citizenship and shall enter into force immediately.

December 6, 2018

“Recep Tayyip Erdogan President of the Republic”

Article No. 1- The point (b) of the second paragraph of the decree related to the implementation of the Turkish Nationality Law issued in accordance with the decision of the Council of Ministers dated 11 February 2010 under No. 139/2010. February 2010, a sentence has been inserted after the sentence “The one who bought it”, which reads “either a full title deed or an easement deed”, so that the price of the property is paid in cash with a value of not less than 250 thousand US dollars or the equivalent of this amount in Turkish Lira, and organizing a contract of promise to sell with the notary public An additional statement has been placed on the real estate ownership deed stating that the real estate cannot be sold or transferred to another party for a period of three years.

Article No. 2- This Decree shall take effect from the date of its publication.

Article No. 3- The President of the Republic shall execute the provisions of this Decree.

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