About us


Who are we?

MAB TURKEY REAL ESTATE is one of the leading companies in the field of real estate consultancy and real estate management located on the European side of Istanbul.
MAB TURKEY REAL ESTATE was founded in 2016 by businessman Mehmet Akif Beğen. Mehmet Akif Beğen has made his experience and experience based on many years in the real estate sector, which he is in, permanent by branding.
MAB TURKEY REAL ESTATE has become a trusted brand over the years thanks to its name and high reputation in the real estate sector. Due to its multinational structure, the company provides services to many foreign customers from different nationalities.
MAB Turkey also assists and provides services to foreign investors who want to invest in real estate in Turkey and obtain Turkish citizenship.


We look at Turkey as the new apple of the eye of investors with its ethnic and colorful mosaic, rich cultural texture and diversity. The safe zone where investors take shelter and the developing global economy are also the main regions where opportunities are most intense.
We believe in the principle of cooperation of countries, friendship of people, Turkey is your second home wherever you are, people are your family and the country is yours.


By offering the most profitable and potential real estate opportunities to our investors, we aim to make our investors profit by anticipating the opportunities that may arise in the future.
In addition, we consider the comfort of our customers, who will own real estate to live, on behalf of themselves and their families. We care about customer satisfaction by presenting the real estate they buy or rent under the most suitable conditions and in line with their wishes.

Why Turkey?

Turkey is a great investment destination for all investors from all over the world. It is a G20 country and ranks seventeenth among the world’s strongest economies. In addition, the real estate sector has grown in the last twenty years and has become one of the most important foundations of the Turkish economy.
The 2012 Real Estate Law, which abolished the concept of reciprocity, marked a turning point in the Turkish real estate market and led to an increase in foreign investment demand.

Our advantages:

Dealing with reliable construction companies and state-guaranteed projects in the country.
Dealing with various real estate companies and projects in the country.
Most of the after-sales services that the company offers to the customer are free of charge.

Our aim:

To help you find solutions and stability by investing in Turkey
Your satisfaction is our goal
Seamless processing is our excellence